(Note: The Hunt Family only serves up The Original Collard Sandwich four times per year. Grab one in 2016 at the the following events: Lumbee Spring Powwow in Lumberton, NC (May 7th), Lumbee Homecoming in Pembroke, NC (July 4th), Beast Fest in Bladenboro, NC (October), Cruisin’ Pembroke Festival in Lumberton, NC (November). 

Cure your cravings for a time-honored concoction of collards, pork and cornbread, the components of a Southern North Carolina sandwich that captures a true slice of Lumbee life.

We do something different with our collards, we put love in them,
yep, you know that makes the difference.


On the Robeson County side of the small town of Maxton, there is a uniquely southern swath known as Long Swamp–home to Dorsey Marie Bryant Hunt and Glenn Hunt and their Original Collard Sandwich.

Four times a year, the couple rises early to pack up their fryers, burners, and a band of family helpers to cook up Dorsey’s signature cornbread, sweet collards, chow-chow, and fatback (or as Glenn calls it, “white side meat.”)

At nearby town festivals, the Hunts sell their famous sandwiches to folks who wait for upwards of an hour in long lines to get a rare taste of this country-fried goodness.

Feeding these beloved backyard meals is the Hunts’ own love story for the ages.

“Our friends was having a party and my eyes focused on one thing…straight to my wife,” says Glenn.

“And I asked her to dance and she said no, and I said great day! Baby what’s the problem and she said I don’t want to dance with you, but I finally kept on, I was persistent like I said. We sealed that day, you know how we sealed it don’t ya? With a kiss, we sealed it with a kiss. I got me a sugar smack that day and I know I everything was good to go then.”

From that point forward, Dorsey and Glenn have been an inseparable. And an inimitable team that makes The Original Collard Sandwich so special.

“People will say you’re just like twins, if you see one, you see the other…She’s the best friend I got, she’s the mother of my children, I tell her everything,” says Glenn.

“We aren’t going to be millionaires at it, but as long as we’re happy, it’s a blessing.”